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Born and raised in France, with Creole and Slavic heritage. Chloé Sapelkin grew up in an enriching and multi-cultural environment all contributing to her multipolar outlook on the world.

Traveler since childhood. Her  work is based on principles of spontaneous creation with materials from the surrounding environment while questionning the urban context and relation between a territory and its people. 

Mars 2019 : Exhibiting at Festival Identifié.e.s, Paris.

September 2018 : Enter Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Text and Textile

September 2017 - Nov. 2017 : Residency at LOTTOZERO, Italy

June 2017: Nuit de l'ICART

June2017 : Graduated in Textile Art from Duperré School

June 2016 : Exhibition at PLAN B, Amsterdam Noord

June 2016 : Nuit de L'iCART

April 2016 : Work at KRUX, Amsterdam with Khurtova/Bourlanges

Marsh 2016 : Exhibition at Les Grands Voisins, Paris

2015-2017 : Study tapestry at Duperré School, ESAA

2014-2015 : Preparatory courses in Olivier de Serres, ENSAAMA